Tips to Effective Pool Maintenance

Owning a swimming pool can be so beneficial during those warmer summer months when you want to spend some quality time with the family and the sun is blazing down on a sunny weekend afternoon. Owning a pool is more than just filling it with water, in fact you need to ensure you maintain the pool effectively, keeping the water at safe levels and giving your family the ability to enjoy swimming as and when they want to.

Pool maintenance is not a quick job, but with the right tools and products in place, you can manage your pool maintenance effectively. It is worthwhile seeing pool maintenance as a regular chore rather than a once a month time deal. The more you care for the pool, the better it will be, the less chemicals it will use and the safer the water will be for the family.

So where do you start? The first pool maintenance tip you will learn is to ensure you regularly skim the surface of the water. This should be done daily. Leaving debris floating on the water without removing it is going to have it sinking to the bottom of the pool, which you can then only remove with a vacuum. Rather skim the top, this will improve circulation and reduce the amount of chemicals you will need to use when you use your pool test strips to test the water quality.

The next step to effective pool maintenance is to vacuum your pool at least once a week. The vacuum is a long pipe which attaches to your filter and you reverse the pump to drain the pool. As you do so, you pick up debris along the bottom, the same as you would when using a vacuum inside the home. The good news is the amount of water you drain only has to be as much as it takes to remove the debris from the bottom of the pool. Remember before you vacuum, you will want to use your brush to brush the sides of the pool and the stairs, removing any algae growth before you start to vacuum.

You will want to ensure your filter runs for a good few hours each day. The filer circulates the water and keeps it clean. When it comes to checking your filter, you will want to open it up, remove leaves and other debris. Depending on the size of your pool will determine how long to run your filter for each day. It will also be dependent on where the pool is situated in your garden and how much direct sunlight it has. A pool that has sunlight most of the day will want to run at least six hours to ensure that the water is circulating, making it harder for algae to grow and turn your pool an unwelcome shade of green.

Test the water quality regularly. You will want to test the water every few days. The easiest way to do this is to use a pool test strip. These strips give you complete control and are fairly accurate, which can save yo time and money. Dip the pool test strip into the water for a few seconds and then read the reading to identify what chemicals you need to add to improve your water quality moving forward.

Remember when using pool test strips you want to achieve a PH balance of between 7.2 and 7.8, which shows that you have good water quality. If your pool test strip shows your PH between these levels then there is no need to add more chemical.

Benefits Of A Concrete Swimming Pool

The decision to install a swimming pool requires careful consideration for the size and type. Fiberglass is available in pre-manufactured shells while concrete offers a range of design options allowing for flexible and creative construction. The installation of a concrete pool can provide durability, aesthetics and cost effectiveness among a wide range of long term benefits.

Concrete remains a popular choice of material for the construction of pools. It is suited to any sized property offering a range of designs from regular rectangular and kidney to uniquely created shapes incorporating modern features. Learning about the options available for pool installation can assist in determining the most applicable styles to complement budget, form and functional needs.

For large, deep pools the solid material must be selected offering superior durability and versatile design. The depth of a fiberglass structure is limited while concrete allows for greater size requirements and the install of much larger pools. Options must be discussed with a reputable pool company to ensure that the feature provides the function that is most compatible with the requirements of the property owners.

The solid construction is the most durable type of material that is available supporting the longevity of pools. It can withstand extremes in environmental conditions and proves easy to repair where minor cracks or wear and tear become apparent. The correct standards of construction can withstand harsh conditions without losing any of its structural integrity and overall design appeal.

Shapes for these strong and sturdy styles are endless and only limited by your imagination. It allows one to move from the standard shapes that are available to develop more functional and creative features for the most awkward of areas. This provides the chance to develop a wide range of appealing styles and sizes for the small or large yard depending on the costs and the purpose for the structure.

Consider pools of major depths and sizes should you wish to incorporate diving boards or water fountains as a modern and appealing install. The larger the structure, the more expensive it will be to construct owing to the extra labor and materials. If you wish to experience the joy of a new swimming pool in the summer it is important to plan the construction in advance as it could take weeks to complete.

The high-quality installation of pools will improve the value of the property, but is a permanent feature and must be carefully considered before construction. Assess the size of pools and the amount of maintenance it requires to keep it in a pristine and hygienic condition. Take the time to determine management on a weekly and monthly basis will add to the long-term costs of keeping extensively sized pools.

Concrete pool installation has remained a favorable choice for properties because of the versatility in design it offers. These structures offer solid construction and modern styles that can serve as a beautiful outdoor feature suitable for small to large yards. The assistance provided by a professional installer can produce durable and functional results that are long lasting.

5 Benefits of Having a Spa at Your Home

“Relax Refresh and Recharge”- this is what comes to the minds of most of the people when they think of a spa. Not so long ago, the spas were exclusive for tropical islands, resorts and health retreats only. But today with the advancement in the technology, it is very easy for you to install or build a spa at your home only.

Most of the people think that the spa is the thing for the rich. But today you can easily add a spa to your backyard with only little efforts and money. A spa can be a great addition to your backyard. It can not only become the center of attraction for your visitors but also provide additional benefits to you. So, here are some benefits of spa listed below for you:

Hydrotherapy for Exercise

This is one of the great advantages a spa can provide you. Many athletes use the hydrotherapy to remove the lactic acid developed from the excessive workout. The lactic acid developed can result in cramps which can be really painful. So, after a gym workout, a spa can help you in increasing the blood flow in your body and releasing the tension from your muscles.

Fighting from stress

The spas are an inseparable part of any resort and health retreat center, and there is a reason for that. According to experts, spas are great to get relieved from your stresses and body aches after a long tiring day. So, the spa therapy can work perfectly for the people suffering from depression.

Curing sleep disorders

The hot spa water lowers the heart rate and increases the overall temperature of the body. According to the experts, the two factors mentioned supports sleep. An adult normally requires 7-9 hours of sound sleep, which can tell you the importance of a good sleep.

Family Enjoyment

A spa can be a great enjoyment factor for your weekend fun-time with your family and friends. A backyard spa always has the ability to become a great social point for family and friends. The backyard spa is a perfect venue for your small house party.

Adds value to your property

A well-built spa can add value to your property. So, if anybody having spa built at his/her property shows it to the prospective buyer, it definitely creates a positive impression on the buyer.

So, these are some of the benefits a spa can provide you. There are many spa builders today that offer great packages to build a perfect spa in your backyard.

5 Reasons Why Swim Spas Make the Best Small Inground Pools

Looking at small in-ground pools? With so many pool options on the market, here are 5 reasons why swim spas are the perfect choice.


Don’t let their small size fool you. You can achieve the same activities in this small pool as you can in a large pool. In fact, some swim spas offer more versatility than large pools. This is mainly due to their water current feature. If you choose a pool with a powerful water current, you can easily swim, exercise, get a full body workout, rehabilitate, relax, and still have plenty of fun. It all depends upon how the current is generated – paddlewheel, jets, or propeller. Look for pools that offer a strong, adjustable current so you to change the water from a low speed for easy workouts and rehab to higher speeds for full intensity swimming or fitness routines.

Swim spas come in all shapes and sizes. Be sure to pick the perfect size for your needs. Some accommodate one or two people while others can fit 8-10 comfortably. If you choose a fiberglass pool, you will even be able to customize the interior layout. Build in benches, stairs, aquatic treadmills, and different depths to create your perfect pool.

Once you know your end goal, find a pool that fits your needs. Before you know it, you’ll be on your way to the perfect small in-
ground pool.


Swim Spas are smaller than typical swimming pools and this makes them much easier to drain for cleaning and maintenance. In addition, some manufacturers offer pools with an easy-to-clean Gelcoat surface that helps minimize algae build up and creates a barrier against moisture absorption.

Did you know that swim spas emit minimal chemical odor? Their smaller body of water means you use smaller amounts of chemicals that results in less odor. This is great if you want your pool installed inside. All this adds up to a pool that’s easier to maintain and better for the environment.


We are all conscious of how much water we use in our daily lives. This pool’s small size means less water and less water means smaller heating costs and fewer chemicals – a savings on both time and money. Look for insulated swim spas such as fiberglass units constructed with a wood core. They boost temperature retention to add even more savings.

Even better, if you keep your swim spa pool covered with a thermal blanket or hard top cover, there is minimal evaporation so you don’t need to fill it as often. A pool cover also results in minimal humidity and even more heat retention. A win-win all around!


Many lap pools can be ordered to match your home décor. Choose tiles to match your floors, walls, entire room, or backyard space. Some pool manufacturers, depending on the construction material, let you pick the color of the pool itself. Here’s a great interactive tool to play around with tile and pool colors. Pick a white pool coping with a blue pool interior. Maybe you’d like a striking black or soothing gray. It only takes your imagination to create the ultimate swim spa oasis.


Most swim spas take up less space than traditional small in-ground pools. Their footprint size can be as little as 8′ x 20′ or go as large as 10’x 22′ to accommodate multiple users. Depending on the construction material, install them in-ground or above ground. Build one into a deck, tuck it in the corner of a room, create a sun room solarium, or beautiful backyard retreat.

A smaller pool footprint also means less construction. Once the space is prepared, it doesn’t take long to install one. If access is an issue, look for lap pools that can be delivered in sections. This makes it easier to fit them into small spaces. Whether you’re building a new room or want to put your fit your pool into an existing space, less construction means less money.

The beauty of a swim spa is that you get the function of a large pool in the ultimate small pool package. There’s no limit to what you can achieve when swim spas are small in-ground pools.